• Definition: People-powered forms of transportation, such as walking, bicycling, etc. Active transportation relies on walkways and bikeways to connect neighborhoods and communities to people’s jobs, recreation areas, schools, and other places that meet people’s daily needs.
  • Purpose: Active transportation systems are important because they help people get to where they need to go without personal vehicles, which improves air quality, reduces greenhouse gas emissions, increases access to resources, and promotes public health and more livable communities. 

  • Definition: A way of governing that promotes balance and harmony between human communities and natural ecosystems, where people engage in collaborative decision-making and mutual care for communities, habitats, and ecosystems. Bioregions are areas defined by natural boundaries, such as rivers and mountain ranges, and by the cultures of the communities in that region.
  • Purpose: Bioregional governance can create vibrant and healthy communities in many waysby supporting community-based solutions for disaster preparedness and climate resilience, lifting up sustainable indigenous practices, and reducing carbon emissions. Communities that are directly impacted by pollution and climate change oftentimes have the best understanding of how to solve these issues.

  • Definition: Biodiversity corridors are natural areas that allow animals to safely move from one natural area to another, and benefit endangered plants and animals. Underpasses for wildlife also help reduce vehicle collisions with humans (also known as a wildlife corridor, habitat corridor).
  • Purpose: These corridors allow animals to move safely without encountering dangers such as roads, buildings, or predators, and help improve their access to food and water. They also help spread seeds and pollen, which improves the diversity of plant life. Centuries ago, our landscape was covered by different vegetation types (swamps, grasslands, forests, etc.), but now humans have cleared and developed over much of this vegetation. Biodiversity corridors allow populations of animal species to survive and thrive over time.








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