2018 Green Zones Webinar Transcript

See below for transcriptions of the outstanding presentations made by Carolina Martinez (Environmental Health Coalition—San Diego), Chelsea Tu (Center on Race, Poverty & the Environment—Southern San Joaquin Valley) and Ashley Werner (Leadership Counsel for Justice and Accountability—Fresno). You can also watch the video and download [More….]


A Community-Led Vision For Transformative Climate Communities

Transformative Climate Communities (TCC) is a groundbreaking new program that will develop comprehensive, cross-cutting, and transformative climate investments at a neighborhood scale to achieve multiple greenhouse gas, public health and economic benefits in our state’s most vulnerable communities. [More….]


2018 Green Zones Report

CEJA is proud to announce the release of our newest Green Zones Across California report for 2018! This updated 36-page report highlights nine different Green Zones case studies where members of different environmental justice communities have led their own projects and visions for achieving Green Zones. [More….]