Green Zones Image Gallery

In 2016, CEJA facilitated community workshops on Green Zones bill SB 1000 with CEJA organizations such as APEN and CBE. CEJA continues to work with communities across the state to educate residents, advocates, planners, and local governments on the importance of SB 1000 and how to best implement the law.

CEJA member organizations EHC (above) and PODER (right) break ground on new Green Zones projects, including a community-led garden for the Mission District of San Francisco and an affordable housing development in National City.

In March 2018, EHC led CEJA’s first Green Zones community tour of National City area neighborhoods such as City Heights and Barrio Logan. Participants learned about the EJ and land use problems that EHC has been addressing through their campaigns,and participated in a strategy session to discuss best practices for implementing Green Zones solutions.