SB 1000: A Community Workshop for San Joaquin County

Workshop provides residents and planners with resources to plan for environmental justice and update their General Plans according to the law

Stockton, CA | On February 20th, 2019 CEJA partnered with the Catholic Charities Environmental Justice Program to lead a community-wide workshop on the SB 1000 law for the San Joaquin County area. Hosted at the Fathers and Families of San Joaquin community center, the workshop lifted up recent best practices and lessons learned from integrating environmental justice (EJ) into General Plans, while also providing a space for the public to discuss pressing EJ problems and solutions for different communities.

General Plans are documents that can provide direction and a positive vision for developing a community’s future. To create that vision, the following is a list of resources that can assist efforts for implementing SB 1000 and promoting environmental justice through General Plans.

Planners and community members discuss housing solutions and issues in their area.


SB 1000 for San Joaquin County. Bernadette Austin, Associate Director, UC Davis Center for Regional Change

Explains the law’s requirements, tools to identify disadvantaged communities, and an assessment of EJ issues in the San Joaquin county area using the CalEnviroScreen 3.0 mapping tool. For more information on the UC Davis Center for Regional Change, visit:

SB 1000: Lessons Learned from Implementation
Tiffany Eng, Green Zones Program Manager, CEJA

Best practices and lessons learned from implementing SB 1000, including: strategies for identifying disadvantaged communities, a process for doing meaningful community engagement, and tips for integrating EJ into General Plans. For more information on best practices and solutions, download the SB 1000 Implementation Toolkit at:

Video: SB 1000

Video: Introduction to the SB 1000 law

Notes: Small Group Discussions

Notes from each of the four small group discussions can be found here.

  • Pollution
  • Active Transportation / Transit
  • Public Health and Food
  • Housing


Sample EJ Elements (Prior to SB 1000)

Tools to Plan for EJ

From the California Environmental Justice Alliance (CEJA)

From the California Air Resources Board (CARB)

From the California Office of Planning and Research (OPR)

From the Office of Environmental Health Hazard Assessment (OEHHA)

Potential Funding for SB 1000

Erin Reynolds from Public Health Advocates (PHA) facilitates a discussion on food justice.

For Additional Questions on SB 1000 for San Joaquin County and Stanislaus County, Please Contact:

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