SB 1000 Implementation Toolkit: Fact Sheets (NEW)

In 2018, CEJA partnered with PlaceWorks to publish the SB 1000 Implementation Toolkit that guides local governments, planners, community-based organizations, and other stakeholders in developing an environmental justice (EJ) Element or EJ policies for their General Plans to meet the requirements of SB 1000 (Leyva, 2016).

The Toolkit provides background information on the requirements of SB 1000, then walks users through a process to identify “disadvantaged” or “EJ” communities with the most current tools. The toolkit also provides best practices for promoting meaningful community engagement throughout the EJ planning process, and guidance on how to develop environmental justice objectives and policies in General Plans. Finally, this resource presents five case studies to showcase different approaches on planning for environmental justice across California and considers potential funding sources to support local governments’ work on an Environmental Justice Element or related policies.

To provide an overview of SB 1000 and best practices for implementing the law, we’ve created the following fact sheets to summarize key findings from each of the seven chapters of our SB 1000 Implementation Toolkit.

Download the SB 1000 Toolkit Fact Sheets Below:

Chapter 1: Introduction – About SB 1000 and Environmental Justice

Chapter 2: The EJ Planning Process

Chapter 3: Identifying Disadvantaged Communities (DACs)

Chapter 4: Community Engagement

Chapter 5: EJ Objectives and Policies

Chapter 6: Case Studies in Planning for Environmental Justice

Chapter 7: Funding and Assistance for SB 1000

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